A look into the past, where the history of the Nordic begins.

history nordische light advertising craft agency


For more than half a century nordische has been realizing high-quality and innovative illuminated advertising.

The company was founded on June 6, 1951 in a building partially destroyed by war in what is now the Kiel/Tannenberg industrial estate.

We started there with four employees, a glassblowing workshop for the production of neon tubes and a workshop for metal letters.

The condition of the building and the post-war period required a talent for improvisation, imagination and drive. No problem for the nordische.

In the beginning the advertising systems were delivered with the motorcycle of the manager or the private car of the managing director.

Half a year later a DKW panel van was purchased.


The lower part of the building was rebuilt and a real office space was set up. The company flourished and grew to 12 employees
who first produced metal letters and transformer boxes, and later also steel constructions.


The nordische moved to its new premises in Kiel.


Sabine Blöcker becomes partner and managing director.
Relocation to the Wellseedamm 1.


Move to a larger hall at Barkauer Straße 121.
There is room for a CNC milling machine and the locksmith's shop has more space
in order to manufacture also larger advertising systems.


LED technology is finding its way into illuminated advertising and is increasingly replacing conventional neon systems.
The main advantages are significant energy savings of up to 80% and a longer service life.
The high efficiency of the maintenance-free LEDs is reflected in low heat emission and a better ecological balance.
We follow the technical progress and use it successfully in many projects.


After 58 years, the founder, Rainer Schreib, is leaving the company.
Sabine Blöcker is the sole owner and managing director.


Lars Epler strengthens the management and becomes an equal partner / managing director.


Our steady growth requires more space and we are moving to Wellseedamm 4d.
With the move to our new and modern company headquarters we have invested in new technology
and modern means of production, our team has expanded and new customers have been acquired.
And we don't want to stop.