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Next summer will come for sure. And with it the temperatures will rise.

Our high-tech sun protection films ensure a constant room climate and offer extra UV protection.

No matter whether for office, shop window or private area.

You benefit from optimal room temperatures and limited daylight.

The films are available in different variants: for indoor and outdoor applications and also in combination with splinter protection.

The assembly is carried out by our certified personnel.

sun protection film uv protection

The perfect protection against heated rooms!


Great effect

Effective anti-glare protection, reduces harmful UV rays by up to 99%, protects your furniture from fading

Cost saving

Save energy costs and relieve air conditioning systems

Heat reduction

Beneficial for people and furniture

Healthy premises

Never again heated rooms.

Which sun protection film suits you best?

3M Prestige Series

This sun protection film is almost crystal clear due to its nano-technology; the view of the building is not changed.

This makes the film particularly suitable for listed buildings, shop windows, conservatories, etc.

The advantage of this film is its excellent heat protection value. It reflects or absorbs 80% of the incident solar energy and 99% of the UV-A rays.

Available in 2 tints - from transparent to slightly tinted.

3M Sun Protection Film Silver Exterior

Incoming heat rays are absorbed and reflected by 80% by this film. Therefore, it leads to a reduction of heat and glare.

The mirrored surface protects - depending on the light conditions in the room - from prying eyes.

Available in 2 tints - from light grey to medium grey.


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