Beachbay Travemünde Outdoor Advertising

Trave, beach and holiday - as well as signs and illuminated advertising "made in kiel".

Project description

Beachbay - one brand, lots of advertising

Anyone on holiday in Travemünde's new site will see a potpourri of outdoor advertising.

  • HAFENBAR: A realharbour pub needs a quaint eye-catcher made of wood and pirate gold. Take a steering wheel and saw it as required, mill wooden letters and cover them with gold leaf after painting. Then we put it all together by hand and mount it above the entrance to Travemünde's new harbour pub.
  • MARK HALL: Made like a real guild shield. Glazed wooden frame with black fittings. Milled corten ship sealed with clear varnish. Swinging suspended from chains.
  • GELATO DELUXE: Like the icing on the cake. Illuminated LED full acrylic letters on a painted aluminium construction. Placed on the roof and weighted down with concrete slabs.
  • FISHER KAJÜTE: Fresh fish under fresh, white acrylic letters with blue foil. As blue as the sky in Schleswig-Holstein.
  • ASTRA BUDE: A slick affair from our manufactory: rustic oak plank with milled and sealed corten letters. Dimly lit with squiggly boat lamps. Cheers!


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